Zelle Limit – Zelle Limit Per Day And Zelle Weekly Limits

Zelle is simply a digital peer-to-peer payment platform that makes it pretty easier for individuals in the USA to send and receive money effortlessly.

Just like every other peer-to-peer money sending platforms, Zelle limits the amount of cash you can transfer or send to people and these limits are only imposed for the security of their users.

Zelle partnered with most leading banks and credit unions in the USA making it easier for an account holder to access zelle mobile payment effortlessly.

In this piece I will enlighten you about zelle limit per day and zelle weekly limit for different banks

Reasons For Zelle  Limit

There are limits to how much you can send or receive at zelle because if someone actually manages to access your zelle account, they may steal your money as such these limits make it impossible for them to achieve your complete aim of taking the whole funds in your account.

Zelle Limit Per Day And Zelle Weekly Limit With Their Partnered Banks:

Unlike other payment platforms that has specified limits,  limit on zelle depend on the bank you’re using.

We will be looking at some of the banks that partnered with Zelle and their respective zelle daily and weekly limit.

1. Wells Fargo Zelle Limit

Wells fargo is one of the verified partner of zelle.

Wells fargo enables you to transfer upto $2,500  per day  and maximum of $4,000 limit per month using Zellepay.

2. Bank Of America Zelle Limit

With Bank of America you’re entitled to send up to $2,500 per day and a $17,500 weekly limit. The maximum monthly limit is $20,000 per month for people using Bank of America.

3. Zelle Limit For Chase Bank

If you’re using Chase bank on Zelle pay your zelle limit would depend on wether you’re using a personal checking account, a business tracking account and private tracking account

If you hold a Chase bank personal checking account your zelle limit per day would be $2,000 and your monthly limit $16,000.

But If you’re using a Chase bank personal or business tracking account you will get higher limits as your zelle limit per day will be $5,000 and a monthly zelle limit of $40,000 which is quite mouth watering unlike other banks.

4. Zelle Limit For Other Supported Banks

Some other banks that supports zelle will allow you to transfer up to $1,000 in zelle limit per day and up to $5,000 in a month. PNC, Citibank and Citizen’s Bank are the banks that adopts this limit. Discover allows you send up to $600 in a month.

in conclusion, if your bank or credit union does not yet offer Zelle, your weekly send limit is $500.

Here is a table summary of banks and their respective zelle limits per day:

Bank Daily limits
Ally Up to $500/day
Bank of America Up to $2,500/day
Capital One Up to $2,000/day
  • For Chase Personal Checking and Chase Liquid cards: up to $2,000/day
  • For Chase Private Client and Chase Business Checking accounts: up to $5,000/day


CItibank If you have been a Citi customer for less than 90 days

  • For Citibank, Basic, & Access accounts: up to $1,000/day
  • For Citi Priority, Citigold, and Citi Private Bank accounts: up to $1,000/day

If you have been a Citi customer for more than 90 days:

  • For Citibank, Basic, & Access accounts: up to $2,000/day
  • For Citi Priority, Citigold, and Citi Private Bank accounts: $5,000/day






Citizen’s Bank Up to $1,000/day
Discover $600 per day
PNC Bank Up to $1,000/day
TD Bank
  • Transfer within minutes feature: up to $1,000/day
  • Transfer within 3-day feature: up to $2,500/day
U.S. Bank Between $1,500 and $2,500/day
Wells Fargo Up to $2,500/day


How To Increase Zelle Limit

There’s no way to increase your zelle limit. The only practical way to maintain your transfer limit is to not exhaust the limit in the first place.

Zelle Receiving Limit

There’s no limit on the amount of money you can receive with zelle rather the sender is likely to subjects to limit on how much they can send you.


I hope I have enlightened you about zelle limit per day and also zelle weekly limit.

Zelle limits the amount of cash you can transfer to people for security reasons. These limits are daily and 30-day (rolling) limits. Your zelle daily, weekly and monthly limits varies depending on the bank you’re banking with, please note that you cannot request zelle to increase or decrease your zelle limit.

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