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ADOII Hudu stated though individuals saved the gasoline to keep away from scarcity and beat inflation, it endangered their lives and property as a result of in case of an accident, a fireplace outbreak would get intense, having two or extra stuffed gasoline cylinders in a kitchen.

He reiterated that fireside brought about from leaking gasoline cylinders could possibly be simply dealt with and quenched in comparison with an occasion the place there have been extra stuffed cylinders concerned.

ADOII Mr Hudu, talking to the Ghana Information Company in Tamale on Wednesday on the secure dealing with of gasoline cylinders, suggested members of the general public to often put the tube that linked a cylinder to the burner in soapy water to examine for pores, which might be uncovered by bubbles within the water.

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He stated cylinder regulators and seals have to be modified regularly to forestall leakages that always result in explosion and inspired customers of cylinders to discard cylinders which were used for about six to 10 years.

He acknowledged that sparks of any type may trigger gasoline explosions in an hermetic setting throughout leakages and urged cylinder customers to right away call-in repairers to repair the leakage and maintain doorways and home windows open.

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He stated: “After filling a cylinder, go away it for about an hour for the gasoline to settle earlier than utilizing it. Motion causes the gasoline to broaden, which makes it harmful to gentle instantly.”

ADOII Hudu additional inspired gasoline customers to not panic and go away delicate hearth from cylinders to unfold, and suggested victims of cylinder leakages to maintain calm and act bravely to quench hearth from gasoline cylinders with moist towel or blanket


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