Wells Fargo ATM Withdrawal Limit

Over the years, ATM withdrawals has made it convenient for many bank users to withdraw cash from their respective bank accounts without any struggle.

Moreover, it is necessary to note that these ATMs do have limits imposed by banks in which a particular account holder cannot exceed when withdrawing money from the ATM, and these limit are normally counted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You maybe asking, why do banks impose these annoying withdrawal limits?

Well, one of the main reason for this withdrawal limit is for the protection  of their customers account and security of the cash in it.

Let’s take a case where a customer’s ATM card and pin falls into the wrong hands, the withdrawal limit will make it impossible for the person to withdraw all the money in the customers account.

If you have a Wells Fargo account and you’d like to know the Wells Fargo ATM withdrawal limit, then continue reading because in this article I would be telling you everything you need to know about the Wells Fargo ATM withdrawal limit and how you can increase your ATM withdrawal limit.

Wells Fargo ATM Withdrawal Limit:

In the case of Wells Fargo, their ATM withdrawal limit varies based the type of account a customers has.

When you open a new checking account and successfully get a debit card, your debit card daily withdrawal limit will be $710.

Different Ways To Increase A Wells Fargo ATM Withdrawal Limit

In a case where you are not satisfied with the withdrawal limit and you’d like to increase it further, you can contact the Customer Service Representative at Wells Fargo by either:

1. Phone Call

Call the phone number at the back of your debit card and request an increase in your account ATM withdrawal.

However, note they will ask you certain questions to verify if you’re the real owner of the account

2. Visit Their Branch:

Go into any Wells Fargo branch and ask explain to the customer service that you’d like to increase your ATM withdrawal limit.

Once they approve your request for increase in withdrawal limit, then you can go ahead and withdraw more cash from your account.

How To Get More Cash If You Have Reach Your Daily Withdrawal Limit

If you have reached your daily ATM withdrawal limit and you still want to withdraw more cash then you can easily withdraw from the cashier at the counter. That way you will get as much cash as you want.


It is important to know and understand your Wells Fargo ATM withdrawal limit.

I hope you this article have answered your query about Wells Fargo ATM withdrawal limit.

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