Pastor Femi Adesina has come out to disclose what girls affected by home violence of their houses can do. He makes this revelation on the second episode of My Love Story.

In an unique interview with KOKO TV, pastor Femi said that ladies going by way of home violence ought to research their husbands and know what will get them offended. He additionally identified that some males are beasts that can not be tamed, therefore they need to be taken to a therapist or psychiatrist with the intention to discover a answer for him.
Home violence is one societal menace that has eaten into the Nigerian group. Fashionable gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu was mentioned to have been a sufferer of home violence which ultimately led to her demise, early this 12 months.
This incorrect acts has led to the demise of lots of people together with kids, that plenty of Nigerians are clamouring for one thing to be completed and folks affected by home violence to talk up. The second episode will premiere at the moment by 9pm on YouTube @KOKO TV Nigeria. Watch the interview right here;







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