How To Unmerge Cash App Accounts

Is it possible to unmerge two different cash app accounts? The answer is Yes you can actually unmerge cash app accounts and have two different cash app accounts that may serve different purposes for you.

When you merge your cash app accounts, one of your cash app account would stop functioning. You may go through your app to see which of your card is functioning and available for use.

After you must have complete access to your account. Cash app have made it possible for users to reactivate their old accounts and merge it with their new account.

Surely you would love to get your money back on your old cash app account, if you actually have some funds in it right?

Note that all your cash app contacts and transaction history would be lost during this phase, if you don’t want to lose your transaction history and contacts it would be advisable to make use of the regular login troubleshoot to be able to retrieve your old cash app account, continue reading as I would show you how its done.

Assuming you have two cash app account merged to one and you want to unmerge them kindly follow this process to successfully unmerge your cash app accounts.

How To Unmerge Cash App Accounts

1. Activate your cash app on your mobile device.

2. On the home screen tap the profile icon.

3. Click on “Personal”.

4. Scroll down and select “Phone Number”

5. Choose the phone number and delete it from your account to unmerge the account related to that very number.

6. Delete any previous email added that period you merged your account.


Below is the steps you can use to access your old cash app account without losing your data:

How To Retrieve Cash App Account Without Losing Your Data

  • Precisely use your old login detail to create a new cash app account. What I’m saying in essence us that you should use the same email address and contact number you used when creating your previous cash app account.
  • Activate your  cash app card and link your old bank account to your new cash app account.
  • Move over to “cash support” option and click on “can’t access old account”.
  • Send a support ticket to the support team to help you merge your current account to the old cash app account.
  • The support team would contact you to verify some details they want from you.
  • Your both cash app accounts would be merged after they have successfully verified your details.

After this process your newly created cash app account with no transaction history and contacts will merge your current account to the old account, therefore this has made it possible for you to recover your account without losing any data.


Can Two Cash App Accounts be Unmerged?

Yes, you can merge two cash app accounts. For you merge two cash app accounts you will need to have two separate phone numbers and email id.

You will equally need to confirm that you are the owner of the email id and phone number you provided when you signed up for cash app.


How To Merge Two Cash App Accounts

If you’d like to merge your cash app counts then follow the below steps to merge it:

1. Open Cash App on your mobile device.

2. Tap the profile icon on the too right corner of your screen.

3. Tap the “Personal” option.

4. Scroll down and tap “Add Phone Number” to merge your other cash app accounts.

5. You can equally merge your other cash app accounts by adding your email.



If you were unable to unmerge your cash app accounts after following the above steps, please contact the cash app support team and narrate the problem you encountered to them.

We prefer having either one or maximum of two cash app accounts to make it easy for you to manage them well.

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