How To Set Up A Venmo Account And Successfully Connect Your Bank

We all know that venmo is a mobile payment apps and peer-to-peer payment platform that can help you to easily send and receive money.

Over the years mobile money transfers has been the trending innovation among individuals, friends and families etc.

Venmo on it’s own is not left as millions of people are already using it, if you would like to set up your own venmo account, I’d be please to help l you set it up easily. As a matter of facts let’s get started:

How To Set Up Venmo

1. Download and activate the Venmo App on your mobile device.

2. You would be provided with two options that can be used to sign up which includes “sign up with Facebook” and “sign up with email.

3. If you choose to “sign up with Facebook”, your sign up would be automatically done and you only have to click continue to complete your signup. But if you select “sign up with email you will have to manually fill in your details like first name and last name, email and the password you want and click “Next”

4. Go through the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy thoroughly. Then click “Next at the upper right-hand of the screen.

5. A box would be available for you to input and verify your phone number with a four digit confirmation code sent to you by text.

6. Enter the code into the box and click ” Submit Code”.

Preferably, you can choose to add a photo or perhaps change your username if it’s automatically generated.

How To Sync Your Contacts On Venmo

When you have finally finished inputting your information and details. You can be able to successfully sync your contacts from Facebook or your mobile phone to be able to pay your friends and loved ones easily.

1. If you did not sign up with Facebook earlier on, you will be told to link your account. Kindly select “Not Now” or “OK”.

2. Select “Next” to mark phone contacts to sync. If you prefer not to select any contacts then click “Skip” at the upper right corner.

3. Slide through the privacy policy by sliding left until you reach the final screen that says “You’re in control”. Then click “Done” at the upper right corner.


How To Connect Your Bank Account To Venmo

Congratulations for successfully setting up your venmo account, now you should connect your bank account to be able to send and receive payments.

1. On the home screen, click there lines on the upper left corner of the home screen and click “Transfer Balance” which is displayed on top of the menu.

2. Choose between “Instant” or “1-3 business days” on the balance screen.

3.  A new pop up would pop out at the bottom of the screen tagged “Bank Verification”. If you already have a bank account with a major national bank firm. Then select “Instant Verification” and sign in into your bank’s website and connect to venmo. Alternatively if have a local credit union, you my likely decide to select “Manual Verification” to input your bank’s routing number and your bank account number (this method may likely take your bank up to three business days to verify).

4. If you had chooses “Instant Verification”, select “Continue” twice to verify that venmo uses Plaid to connect your bank.

5. Choose your bank among the different banks listed there. You can decide to search for your bank using the search bar and still if it does not appear, then go back to “STEP 3” and select “Manual Verification”.

6. Follow your bank’s instructions on the screen to verify your account.


That’s all you need to successfully set up your own venmo account.


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