How To Delete Cash App History

It’s no longer a secret that cash app and other digital peer to peer payment platforms keeps the record of all the transactions you make on your their platform.

Your cash app transaction history contains all the transaction details of every sending and receiving transaction you have done with your cash app account.

You might be considering how to delete cash app history, well keep reading because this and more are the things I will be explaining in this post.

But if you’d equally like to gain access to all your transaction history, reach out to them as they will make make it available to you.

How To Delete Cash App History

It is not a new thing that many cash app users at one point or the other wanted to delete their cash app history but sadly, there’s no proven way to to delete your cash app history just yet.

That’s right, currently you cannot be be able to delete your cash app history. 

This means that any transaction done on your cash app account will automatically be saved to your transaction history and you can not delete it unless you delete your account entirely.


However, your transaction history would be be accessible to you whenever you need it.

Follow the below step to get your transaction history.

How To Access Your Cash App Transaction History

To access your transaction history on cash app follow this simple guideline.

1. Click the “Clock” icon at the bottom right corner.

2. On the next page click on “Activity”.

3.  Here, all your transaction history will be made available to you.


However, if you insist to get rid of your cash app transaction history then I’m afraid the only option left is to delete your cash app account entirely.

How To Delete Your Cash App Account

1. Open your Cash App on your device and sign in.

2. Click the profile icon at the right upper corner of your screen.

3. Tap on the support tab at the bottom list of options.

4. Choose “Something Else” option.

5. On the next page select “Account Settings”.

6. Select ” Close Account (Close my cash app account from the menu.

7. After going through the information on  what it means when you close your cash app account.

8. Select the “Comfirm Closing Account” tab at the bottom of the screen.

This steps will enable you to entirely get rid of your cash app account and equally get rid of every detail and transaction information cash app has about your account.

If you’d like to continue using cash app payment service, then you can create a new cash app account entirely.


If you still want to delete your cash app history, sadly there’s no way to do that.

And if you choose to delete our cash app account entirely, do not that you’re likely to lose your $Cashtag so trade barely.

All your transaction history on cash app are already private and only accessible to you the account owner, so I don’t see the need for you to delete your cash app history or your cash app account.

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