How To Add Money To Cash App Card

Before I dive in into how to add money to cash app card, let me first give you a thorough explanation of what a cash app card is before we go into how you can successfully add money to your cash app card.

What Is A Cash App Card?

A Cash App card is a debit card that is merged with a cash app account which enables a cash app users to shop and make payments to any store that accept visa both online and in store outlets, rather than deducting money in their respective bank accounts.

The Cash app card directly has access to the money on your cash app account, this simply means that if you have funds in your cash account account, you cash app card will have access to that fund.

Cash App have made it easy for users to load money on Cash App card in different ways.


How To Add Money To Your Cash App Card

1. Activate your Cash App on your mobile device.

2. On the left-hand side bottom of your device on your Cash App home page, click the “My Cash” icon

3. On your My Cash page, click on “Add Cash”.

4. Precisely input the amount of cash you really want to add to your cash card.

5. Next, Click on the “Add” button.

6. Cash App will request for identity comfirmation to complete the transaction.

7. Verify your identity by either Touch ID or alternatively use your PIN code to seal the transaction.

8. The transaction would be successful now you can move back to your cash app homepage.

9. Your balance will reflect on your homepage dashboard.


Alternatively you can choose to load your cash app card at some major stores near you.

Stores That Can Load Cash App Card

1. Walsgreens

2. Rite Aid

3. Family Dollar

4. CVS

5. Walmarts ( Note not stores add money to cash card)

6. Target

7. Dollar Tree

8. 7-Eleven or 711 stores

9. Dollar General


Kindly visit any of the listed stores tell the cashier you want to fund or load your Cash app. Once the funds has been sent to your cash app account then you can make your payments in cash.

(Note that varying reload fee or charges may apply)


To be very honest, I would say that the simplest and stress-free method to add money to a cash app card is by linking your bank to your cash app account to enable you to put money on your cash card with your cash app mobile app at your own convenience.

If your Cash app balance is running low you can make use of the above listed methods to add money to your cash app card without any stress.


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