Fair And White Savon Aha-2 Soap Review: Benefit & Side Effect

Fair And White Savon Aha-2 Soap is very effective exfoliating soap. It is more efficiency in clear the skin pores and rejuvenating the body to make it uniform, glow, and renovate.

It is empowered with Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which consumes several chemical substances. Lactic acid is among the chemical substances that is very effective exfoliating agent that inhibits the tyrosinase and stop the synthesis of the colour pigments.

It also have apricot seed power as another exfoliating component that active by micro-abrasion and improve epidermis by lighten and brighten. It also gives rich lather and clear off the skin infection perfectly.

It removes rough skin easily within days and removes dead cells to activate a well balance skin, smooth, glow,soft, and rejuvenates the skin. It makes your complexion fairer, lighter, brighter and clearer.

Fair and white Savon Aha-2 Soap is effective, but it is not adviceable to be used on face or any sensitive part of the body.

Fair And White Cream, Fair And White Facial Cream, Fair And White Shower Gel are very effective products too that is produced by the same company.


Fair And White Soap Ingredients:

Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Hydroxyisohexyl-3-Cyclohexene, Eugenol, Geranoil, CL77891, CL11680 and CL12490.

Fair And White Soap Side Effects You Should Know:

It doesn’t have any side effects.

Fair And White Savon Aha-2 Soap Benefits:

1: Lightens the skin
2: Exfoliates the skin
3: Lathers very well
4: Smoothens the skin
5: Eliminates dead skin cells

Does Fair And White Soap Lighten Skin?

Yes, it lightens the skin complexion.

How To Use Fair And White Soap To Get The Best Results:

Rub the soap with water on your palm to form bubbles and apply on wet face. Massage the lather gently and rinse off. Pat your face dry with a towel and then apply some good moisturizer.

Types Of Fair And White Soap In The Market:

1: Fair & White Black Soap
2: Original Exfoliating Soap
3: Fair & White Oat Milk Soap
4: Miss White Exfoliating Soap
5: Fair & White Shea Butter Soap
6: GOLD 1 Exfoliating Argan Soap
7: Original Exfoliating Soap with AHA
8: Original Exfoliating Soap Aloe Vera
9: Original Exfoliating Soap Carrot
10: Fair & White Exclusive – White Exfoliating Soap

Which Fair And White Soap Is Good For Dark Skin?

Miss White Exfoliating Soap and Fair & White Exclusive – White Exfoliating Soap are specially designed for chocolate and dark skin people.

How To Know Original & Fake Fair And White Soap:

1. Check For French Statement

On the original’s top; there is a french statement: Je protege ma peau and it is translated at the bottom of the logo as this “I protect my skin”.

2. Check Out The Logo

There is a difference in the appearance of the logo. You will see that on the original product, the face of the woman and her head has a lot of white part on it, and the white is quite bright.

The white part color of the fake one is dull and less in quantity as it is dominated by the blue. The logo on the fake is very large or very small.

3. Look For AlphaIbets On Barcode

Flip the pack to its side and read the barcode. You should see the numbers on them. On either side, there’s a number different than the others.

There is no alphabets anywhere near the code. If you find any alphabet on it or can not identify the distinguished numbers, then the product is fake.

4. Check For Company Details

Behind the pack of all fair and white original products, the company’s relevant details are written in this exact format as displayed below;

Made in France

Labo Derma

Fue du Colisee – 75008 PARIS

Rue des Maraichers-33260 LA TESTE DE BUCH

Fair And White Soap Price In Nigeria:

It cost N1500 in markets and N200 In some cosmetics shops.

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