How To Delete Cash App History

It’s no longer a secret that cash app and other digital peer to peer payment platforms keeps the record of all the transactions you make on your their platform. Your cash app transaction history contains all the transaction details of every sending and receiving transaction you have done with your cash app account. You might … Read more

How To Add Money To Cash App Card

Before I dive in into how to add money to cash app card, let me first give you a thorough explanation of what a cash app card is before we go into how you can successfully add money to your cash app card. What Is A Cash App Card? A Cash App card is a … Read more

How To Unmerge Cash App Accounts

Is it possible to unmerge two different cash app accounts? The answer is Yes you can actually unmerge cash app accounts and have two different cash app accounts that may serve different purposes for you. When you merge your cash app accounts, one of your cash app account would stop functioning. You may go through … Read more