Cash App Routing Number – How To Find Cash App Routing Number

You might be asking what is cash app routing number and account number?

Well the answer to that question is Yes, cash app do have it’s own routing number and account number.

The importance of this routing number is to make direct deposits flawless.

A routing number can be simply said to be a nine digit code that is used to identify the a financial institution and also used to identify the location where an account wass opened.

Whenever an account is created on cash app, automatically a routing number will be generated.

Note that this routing number will not appear on the cash app home screen.

This is the reason why to find your cash app routing number is quite a nut to crack.

Cash App has broaden its horizons by making it possible for its users to get their paychecks directly paid into their cash app accounts.

They can do this by giving their employers their correct routing and account number associated with their cash app accounts thereby using their cash app like a checking account.

To be able to enjoy this bonus, you must have ordered a cash card from cash app.

If you have not ordered a cash card then a routing number will not be associated with your account just yet.

How To Find Your Cash App Routing Number And Account Number

Below is how you can find your cash app routing number:

1. Open the cash app on your device and sign in.

2. Go To the “My Cash” tab.

3. Click the “Cash” option with the green $ sign next to it.

4. Slide down to the “Direct Deposit” option and click “Get Account Number”.

pop-up popp up screen will appear, click on “Enable Account”.

6. Click on the “Copy Account Details” option.

7. Then copy and compile both the routing number and account number and forward them to your employer.

How To Change My Cash App Routing Number?

You can change your cash app rounding number in the following ways:

1. When you move from one location to the other, you will need to create a new cash app account that will align with the routing number of the new area (either your new address or another state). To make this possible you will be a new email address and phone number. You can equally visit go to the personal section of your account and change your details to match your current location.After all this said and done, you can go and confirm if your current routing number aligns with the one of your new location or residence. If you encounter any problem, do contact cash app customer assistant for support or create a new account entirely.

2. Alternatively you can change your cash app routing number by creating a new cash app account.

What is The New Cash App Routing Number?

The new cash app routing number is 073923033, the other routing number is 073905527.

Cash app changed banks so that they can be able to offer more options to their users and equally speed up their direct deposit which normally delayed using the previous number.

Lincoln Savings Bank is the bank that cash app partnered with, they have up to 22 routing numbers and up to 17 branches in the United States.


I hope this article has been able to answer your question regarding cash app routing number and equally managed to broaden your knowledge about how you change regarding how to change your cash app routing number.

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