Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Less Capital

Do you want to start a business with less capital? Do you want to know businesses you can start up with less capital? If yes, then this airticle is for you
In this article, you’ll be exposed to lucrative businesses you can start with less or no capital in Nigeria. There are so many legitimate businesses you can start in Nigeria online or offline but the question is How much capital to start up with.
Many big businesses of our time didn’t start with huge capital when they began their journey of entrepreneurship yet, their businesses has grown to become a conglomerate.
There are several businesses you can start with less capital. Keep reading till the end to know more.
Blogging business is one of the lucrative and legitimate business in Nigeria and globally. This form of business entails you share your ideas, thought or experience online through the means of a blog (website). Although, blogging is not a get rich quick means of making money, it takes consistence, knowledge and dedication to make ends meet in blogging. Formerly, professionalism is not required in blogging but how professional you’re determines how fast and quick you make money. To start a small blogging business, #10,000 is advisable to get your blogging business started.
Graphics design is the ability to market a product through images. This business as grown and it has become one of the widely known business in the industry. Many business owner’s seeks for the services of a graphics designer to help them design a compelling banners or fliers to push their business forward.
However these fliers or banners are done by graphic designers. Graphic design business can be started with no capital but knowledge of the concept of graphic designs. This business can be done with your smartphone or computer.
Dropshipping is a business you can start with less or no capital in the sense that you’ll market a retailer or wholesalers product and when a demand is made and the goods Is sold, you get your commission. This kind of business is intresting  when you have a marketing strategy even though you don’t have a physical store. To get started, you get the pictures and the prices of the goods you intend marketing.
Online tutorial is one of the current means of making money while drinking coffee on your bed. This method of business is teaching your skill or giving out a tutorial in a particular niche. This can be done true WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom or any social app. To get started, equip yourself with the full knowledge about the niche you’re teaching.

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