Bank Of The Free: Kuda Bank Review 2021

This article is an exclusive review on the latest online banking app known as Kuda Bank – The bank fort the free. 

What Is Kuda Bank?

Kuda Bank is one of Nigeria’s online banking app, where you can easily save money without stress or going through banking issues. Kuda Bank gives you access to open an account which has the possibility of receiving money anywhere in Nigeria.

Who Is The Ceo Of Kuda Bank?

Who Is The CEO Of Kids Bank

The CEO and Co Founder of Kuda Bank is Babs  Ogundeyi. He stated that their goal is to bank with Africans globally. On the other hand, the COO of Kuda Bank Ryan Laubscher says their mission is to blow away Africans with unparalleled customer service.

What Kinda Bank Offers?

Kuda Bank has lots of features like: 

1. Spend and save: You can spend and save money while buying, and can also withdraw any time you buy and pay through Kuda banking app.

2. Kuda Card: You can use your Kuda card to make withdrawal in any part of the world. It  makes life easier for to buy things and having available cash always.

3. Budget: Kuda Bank permits you to have a fix budget for your expenditures, you can have a fixed weekly or monthly budget from Kuda app so you don’t spend on things that you do need.

How To Open Kuda Bank Account

Simply visit their official website at,or download their mobile app on your device either on App Store or Google Play Store. After this step, follow the account opening steps.

Kuda Bank USSD Code

Wema Bank is a friendly bank to Kuda Bank, therefore, to send money from a Wema Bank account, simply dial *945*kuda account number*amount# from the phone number attached to the account and follow the prompts as seen on your screen or follow the manual steps below:

1. Dial *945# from the phone number attached to the account

2. Type “3” for Send Money

3. Type “2” for Other Banks (Options)

4. Type your Kuda Bank Acct Number

5. Send “9” for Next

6. Send “1” for Kuda MFB and transfer.

In conclusion, Kuda Bank gives is an awesome experience, ease of mind, no payment of extra charge as the normal financial banks do.

Financial Banks charge are very high what’s why we recommend to use Kuda Bank, even when you own other banks, you can save other cost of spending.

One amazing features of Kuda Bank is that you save create an auto savings account where you can save money automatically based on your needs and budget, you can save daily, weekly, or monthly.

The online bank is growing rapidly with over one million plus downloads on Goggle Play Store and Apple Store. For your financial peace of mind, use Kuda bank today!

This review is based on personal experience, it’s not a form of advertisements or paid review.

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